Club Generation CEO activities include the following:

Networking activities in China, France, Germany and Switzerland

  • We organize business events on a regular basis for our members and invite high-profile guests from the worlds of politics and business
  • Business delegations
  • Special events on topics including energy and the environment
  • Asian and European CEO round tables
  • One-on-one meetings with European and Chinese journalists
  • Sino-European business awards
  • Advisory services to our members

Women Leadership – Female Factor activities

  • Conferences, seminars, think-tanks on women leadership topics
  • Helping Asian women take positions on the boards of European multinationals

Art and culture activities

  • Hospitality and event management activities include creation of a luxury event space with Swiss or France made labels as well as event promotion with a focus on conferences, seminars, art exhibitions, fashion shows and cultural events.

Participants of our events

  • European and Chinese business entrepreneurs
  • Senior executives of European multinationals and Asian companies
  • European and Chinese government leaders
  • Ambassadors from EU countries
  • International investment funds and banks
  • Media and influential journalists
  • Opinion leaders
  • Leading experts
  • Leading politicians